An Open Letter from Physicians to all Americans


As physicians who practice in the Hippocratic tradition (1) we denounce the heinous actions described by the doctors in the recently released videos from the Center for Medical Progress. (2) It is the privilege and duty of all physicians to use our knowledge for the healing of disease, and for the good of each and every human person entrusted to our care. That is the basis of the doctor-patient relationship. Yet in the CMP videos, we learn — from the mouths of the leadership of Planned Parenthood themselves — that the youngest, most vulnerable of Americans are brutally killed in procedures specifically designed to maximize the harvest of their body parts. This grotesque perversion of the healing arts by abortionists in Planned Parenthood facilities is not medical care. Trafficking in human bodies and body parts should have no place at all in the practice of medicine. Elective abortion is not medical care.

The unborn child has a heartbeat two weeks after conception. She has fingers, toes, brain activity, and all major organs by 8 weeks. By 20 weeks her nerves that sense pain are functional. By 22 weeks, she can live outside the womb.

As Planned Parenthood clinics are reaping their grisly harvest, babies in the womb express the same reactions as children who are already born: their pain-response hormones increase; they try to withdraw from the abortion instrument used to dismember them; their hearts race. Yet Planned Parenthood destroys these fellow human beings and plunders their bodies even while they are still alive.

The procedures that kill babies in Planned Parenthood (or any) clinics are not “medical care”. The intentional destruction of any innocent human being — much less the harvesting and sale of body parts — has no place in the practice of medicine. The crushing of unborn children in the womb, and the ghoulish picking over of their broken bodies for saleable pieces, should be called what it is: the most barbaric form of human trafficking.





Derryl Miller, MD - Indianapolis, IN

John Lane, MD - Rochester, MN

Damian Olsen, MD, ObGyn - St. Louis, MO

Helen Danahey, MD, Pediatrics - Green Valley, AZ

Fritz Baumgartner, MD - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

J. Vincent, MD - Elverta, CA

John Fraser, MD, Pediatrics - Houston, TX

Bill Mueller, MD - Dayton, OH

Raymond Kim, MD - League City, TX

Thomas McGovern, MD - Fort Wayne, IN

Linda Chambers, MD - Hummelstown, PA

Lawrence Cairn, MD, FACO - Benton Harbor, MI

Jean-Simonis Engel, MD - Clonmel, Ireland

Ana Garcia Iguaran, MD, MS, OBGYN
- Pembroke Pines, FL

Christine Sweeney, MD, Pediatrics - Lancaster, PA

Robert Hong, MD, Urology - Lancaster, PA

Mary Meyer, MD, Pediatrics, St. Louis, MO

Misti Grimson, MD - Dayton, OH

Evan Wuthric, MD, Radiation Oncology
- Columbus, OH

Mark Walker, MD, OBGYN - Marshall, MI

Matthew Abraham, MD - Knoxville, TN

Jamie Obst, DO, OBGYN - Buffalo, NY

Robert Natalina, MD, Pediatrics - Miller Place, NY






Marie-Alberte Boursiquot, MD, FACP - Columbia, MD

Ronald Taylor, MD - Houston, TX

Mary Catharine Maxian, MD, Anesthesiologist - Houston, TX

Mary Angela Knaus, MD - Pearland, TX

Janet Pate, MD - Houston, TX

Tiffany McKee-Garrett, MD, Pediatrics - Houston, TX

Victor Vlahakos, MD - Houston, TX

Ashley Fernandes, MD, PhD, FAAP - Columbus, OH

Mary Davenport, MD, FACOG - El Sobrante, CA

Kelleé Abner, MD -  Charleston, WV

Mark Zafereo, MD, F.A.C.S. - Houston, TX

John Almeida, DO - Wheeling, WV

John Markleu, DO, Infectious Disease - Richamond, VA

Karen Poehailo, MD, Family Medicine - Charlottesville, VA

Tim Miller. MD, Orthopedic Surgery, Davenport, IA

Nora Gonzalez, MD, Internal Medicine,
Hospice and Palliative Care - Miami, FL

Mark MacGregor, MD, Internal Medicine - Houston, TX

Jan MacGregor, MD, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics
- Houston, TX

Michia Harrington, MD, Family Medicine - Overland Park, KS

Angela Martin, MD, OBGYN - Fort Wayne, IN

William Williams, MD, Rheumatolog - Havertown, MD

Elizabeth Ward, MD, Internal Medicine - Mount Prospect, IL

John Travaline, MD - Philadelphia, PA 

Dirk Hamp, MD, Pediatrics - Wake Forest, NC



Other medical professionals in support of this letter,

Sarah Ramirez, Physical Therapy - San Antonio, TX

Rebecca Foster, BSN, RN, CMSR - Friendswood, TX

Kate Kondratuk, medical student - Vermillion, SD

Gerry Traylor, RN - Dallas, TX

Amanda Stahl, medical student - Philadelphia, PA

David Iaccino, DBM - Palos Hills, IL

Lisa Loftice, PT, DPT - Friendswood, TX

Cheryl Park, RN, BSN, M.Ed - Houston, TX

Samuel Roberto, Internal Medicine Resident, M.D. PGY- Dayton, OH

Elizabeth Matheson, medical student - Columbus, OH

Sarah Ramirez, Physical Therapy - San Antonio, TX

Elizabeth Houser, BSN, RN - Raleigh, NC

Joana E. Livot, R.N., B.S., M.S. - Lomita, CA

Grace M Winter, medical student - Kansas City, KS

Bethany Sappington, medical student - Portland, OR

Ray Webber, medical student - Cleveland, OH

Ana Maria Dumitr, medical student - Hanover, NH

Katherine Thrasher, RN - Coeur d'Alen, OH

Scott Cooper, medical student - Wichita, KS

Michelle Plecni, RN - Cleveland, OH

Brian Russ, medical student - Colorado Springs, CO

Kyle Alpha, medical student - Syracuse, NY

Peter Yang, medical student - Omaha, NE

M. Tucker Brow, medical student - Philadelphia, PA

Shannon Raine, PT, Acute Care - Columbus, OH

Stephanie Copeland, RN, MSN - Raleigh, NC


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